selected poems

new poems

“Red State, Blue State” (from’s “Letter to America” series)

“Paper Birches in Snow” (from Rattle #72)

“Speaking of Disinformation” (from Rattle, Poet’s Respond)

from Fetch, Muse:

“Night Vision” and “Surrogate” (from One Art)

“The Other End of the Leash” and “Misconception” (from Passengers Journal)

“Mortal Taste” (from One by Jacar Press)

“Harvest Moon” (from Grey Sparrow Journal)

“Wasted Wish” and “Training Session” (from Unsplendid)

from Time is Always Now:

If This Be the Season” (from Valparaiso Review)

“Measure My Song” (from The Hopper)

“Politicians” (from Rattle)

Open Carry” (from Rattle). Winner of Rattle‘s 2018 Neil Postman Award for Metaphor.

“Ripe” (from Rust + Moth)

Eastward” and “When It Was Time” (from Mezzo Cammin)

8 thoughts on “selected poems

  1. huyork

    Rebecca, congratulations on the Neil Postman Award for Metaphor! I am so glad it led me back to “Open Carry,” which I loved. It was the Emily Dickinson reference that hooked me from the start. Brilliant!


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