Poems from Time Is Always Now (forthcoming from Able Muse Press):

If This Be the Season” (from Valparaiso Review)

“Measure My Song” (from The Hopper)

“The More Things Change” (from Baltimore Review)

“How a Mother Loves” (from The 2River View)

Open Carry” (from Rattle). Winner of Rattle‘s 2018 Neil Postman Award for Metaphor.

Music Lesson” and “Arion as a Child” (from Stonecoast Review)

“Ripe” (from Rust + Moth)

On Tidying Up” (Cider Press Review)

“Politicians” (from Rattle)

Postpartum,” (from Antiphon)

Eastward” and “When It Was Time” (from Mezzo Cammin)

Uncollected poems:

“True Love,” “Flawed,” and “As You Willed It” (from Mezzo Cammin)

“Wasted Wish” and “Training Session” (from Unsplendid)

8 thoughts on “poems

  1. huyork

    Rebecca, congratulations on the Neil Postman Award for Metaphor! I am so glad it led me back to “Open Carry,” which I loved. It was the Emily Dickinson reference that hooked me from the start. Brilliant!


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