“Measure My Song,” The Hopper, December 2018

“The More Things Change,” Baltimore Review, Summer 2018

“How a Mother Loves” and “For Sappho,” The 2River View, Spring 2018

Open Carry,” Rattle, “Poets Respond,” Oct. 8, 2017. Winner of Rattle‘s 2018 Neil Postman Award for Metaphor.

Music Lesson” and “Arion as a Child,” Stonecoast Review, Winter 2016

“Ripe,” Rust + Moth, Winter 2016

“Assumption,” Naugatuck River Review, Issue 16

“The Long View,” The Raintown Review, forthcoming

“Hansel’s Gretel,” The Ocean State Review, 2016

“Evening Alone in Another City,” SHARKPACK Poetry Review Annual, 2016  

On Tidying Up,” Cider Press Review, Vol 18.2

“Politicians,” Rattle, “Poets Respond,” Feb. 11, 2016

“True Love,” “Flawed,” and “As You Willed It,” Mezzo Cammin, Volume 10, Issue 2

“Wasted Wish” and “Training Session,” Unsplendid, 7.1

Postpartum,” Antiphon, Issue 12

Eastward” and “When It Was Time,” Mezzo Cammin, Volume 10, Issue 1

“Anniversary of Forgetting,” The Raintown Review, Volume 12, Issue 2

“Examination of Mono Lake,” Crab Orchard ReviewVolume 19, Number 2, Summer/Fall 2014

“Decoy” and “Only Child,” The Best of the Burlington Writers Workshop 2014

“Out of Many, One,” The Carolina Quarterly, Volume 63.2

“Cemetery at White Point,” Slice, Issue 13

Felt Most in its Absence,” Grey Sparrow Journal, Summer 2013

Thirty-five,” The Sunday Oregonian, June 2010

“Domestic Simulties,” Measure, [2009]

“Rendezvous,” VoiceCatcher, [2009]

“Flap of Scenery,” awarded the 2008 Richard Hugo Award, Poetry Northwest, Fall-Winter v3.n2

Gray Matter,” Poetry Northwest, Spring-Summer v3.n1


8 thoughts on “poems

  1. huyork

    Rebecca, congratulations on the Neil Postman Award for Metaphor! I am so glad it led me back to “Open Carry,” which I loved. It was the Emily Dickinson reference that hooked me from the start. Brilliant!


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